Living Witness Branding

When our good friends at Living Witness Productions wanted to rebrand their business, we were more than happy to help. LWP specialises in photography and videography services (check them out!), but in such a competitive industry, their old logo was starting to look a bit worse for wear.

With an already established client-base, Living Witness wanted their new look to stay true to their existing brand, so we kept their predominately black and white colour scheme, adding a small 4 colour feature palette (for a splash of new colour), and updated their original 'eye' logo mark – simplifying and modernising the overall look.

To set their new design apart (and add a little bit of extra awesomeness), we then created a set of totally custom calligraphic lettering, using it for the new logo, as well as a number of theme words and titles to make their new brand totally unique!

ClientLiving Witness Productions
Logo Design
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