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Website Terms & Conditions

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(These are for everyone visiting and using this website)

Welcome to our website! We just wanted to let you know that if you continue to browse and use this website, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the above terms and conditions of use. They’re here to keep things legal and proper, and to help you as much as it helps us. Please have a read!


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General Terms & Conditions

You can download the most up to date terms and conditions here

(These are applicable for all of our current and future clients)

Here’s some of the important stuff…

  • The following points aren’t the actual terms and conditions (so they aren’t “legally binding” or anything), but if you don’t want to read the full T&Cs, these are some of the important things that we reckon you’d like to know.
  • We do recommend that you read the proper ones though!


  • After we have discussed what your project might involve, we will begin our work. From that point on, both parties are bound by Asylum’s terms and conditions (it’s not as bad as it sounds!)
  • If we discuss a price and timeframe up front, we will do our best to keep to that, but please remember – any estimate is just an estimate!


  • To listen to your ideas and make something awesome just for you (that’s what it’s all about).
  • To keep an eye on our end for any potential copyright or license issues. We’ll try to keep you right as much as possible and let you know if we’re aware of anything that might cause problems.
  • To do our very best to keep things to your time frame, although sometimes it might not be possible!
  • To let you know if it seems like things are getting more expensive than initially planned. Of course, you can ask for your current total at any stage.
  • Not to share any of your confidential information with anyone who doesn’t absolutely need to know ... and as our work is built on trust, we hope you’ll do likewise!


  • To help us out where you can, by keeping in touch and sending us any materials and information that you want us to include at an appropriate time and quality to be used.
  • To make sure that everything you send is in keeping with any special regulations or specifications that might apply to your project – we won’t always know when something is missing or wrong!
  • To double check that anything you send us to use is correct and has the appropriate copyright or license for us to use in the project. We also appreciate if you can make sure that nothing inappropriate is included!
  • To be the ultimate proof reader! We do try our best to check spelling and details throughout the project, but ultimately the final proof-reading will be up to you.


  • At the end of a project, you are only allowed to have one final design (or set of designs). That means that the concepts and ideas we work on throughout the process still belong to Asylum.
  • Your final design is free for you to use in any place or in way you see fit, but only “as provided”. We recommend that you don’t edit or re-use any individual parts of a design without asking, as some of those parts might have been purchased or copyrighted for only Asylum to use. We don’t want you to get in trouble!
  • It is also worth mentioning that if we’re particularly proud of your project, we might show it off on our website or in our own promotional materials.


  • When an invoice is sent, you are usually required to pay it within 30 days, and anything later than that will start to incur some extra interest. We recommend that you pay straight away to avoid that possibility, and we can accept a whole range of payment types to accommodate you!
  • If you think that your business with us will be happening on a very regular basis, we also offer payments by standing order. If you’re interested in that, ask us about it!

Got questions?

If you have any complaints, claims, or questions about any of our Terms or services, please contact us at [email protected]