Because You're Loved T-Shirts

Before taking up the illustrious role of a graphic designer, I (Matt) worked for a Christian youth and schools project, helping to found an organisation called "Because You're Loved".

The aim of the organisation was to perform acts of kindness to strangers, with the message that they - and each and every person - were loved. And not just by a stranger on the street, but by a real and living God who knew everything about them (Surely something to shout about!)

As part of the branding for the organisation, we created custom artwork for two T-Shirt designs, with the slogans "Because You're Loved" (the name of the organisation itself) and "You Are Loved". We wanted these statements to be bold and eye-catching, rendering the words with stark colours and a sleek '3D' design. We loved this end result!

ClientThe Pais Project
TypeT-Shirt Design
Promotional T-Shirts
Custom Artwork
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